Objekts [translations pending] [translations pending] Loft Arch

A reconstruction of buildings. Saraiķi, Pāvilosta.



A private house, a guest house, rooms for artists and an exhibition hall.

Historical archives mention the property since 1861, when then the owner of the place, the wife of the general, Ms. Ekaterina fon Ofenbaha (born Bibikova) sold her estate share to Baron Alexander Batori fon Simolin for 55000 rubles. Later, a number of buying and selling transactions followed until Baron Ditrich fon Bers became the last owner.

The property area is 19.3 hectares. There are several buildings located – both renovated dwelling houses and auxiliary premises that have served their time, sheds and barn. Soon, this historic complex will turn into the residence for artists together with an exhibition hall.

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