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Apartment house 51 Kr.Valdemāra Street, Riga


History of the building

The rental house designed in the style of eclectic architecture at 51 Krišjāņa Valdemāra Street was built in 1887 according to the design by German architect Rudolf Heinrich Zirkwitz.

Rudolf Heinrich Zirkwitz studied at Riga Polytechnical Institute and later held the position of Riga City Construction Inspector. His most outstanding achievements include projects of several Art Nouveau and eclectic design buildings – 15 Elizabetes Street; 1, 2, 11 Vīlandes Street; 4 Ausekļa Street, as well as Bīriņi Castle and Igate Castle.

During the Soviet times the building belonged to taxi company “Rīgas taksometru parks”, for the needs of which additional warehouses and technical buildings were constructed in the yard. JSC “Rīgas taksometru parks” represented by brands Red Bus and Red CUB, used the company office building until 2018.


The new design

The new owner of the building in cooperation with Architects Office LOFT has developed an architectural concept with new apartment layout ideas, which makes it easier to understand the development opportunities of the entire real estate.


Total number of apartments in street and yard buildings – 30
Total space (GBL) – 1300 m2
Residential (GLA) – 1195 m2
Number of parking spaces – 26

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