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Apartment house Katolu street 19


2005. g. - 2007. g.

Architects — Architectural company KUBS, D. Brezinska, Ģ. Kalinkēvičs

Supervision — Architectural office LOFT, Ģ. Kalinkēvičs

Katoļu (Catholic) street got its name in 1861. It is one of the numerous little streets that belong to Maskavas district neighbourhood of Riga. Once this was a favourite living place for wealthy merchants, Jews and Russians. 

The building’s windows have a refreshing view on a park and two churches — a nice calm place for a walk or a workout routine. There are 17 modern and spacious apartments connected to park greenery through the main accent of the façade – panorama windows. The building is one of the first contemporary architecture projects in Riga’s Maskavas district that had an aim to refresh the quality of life for the whole quarter in addition to the improved architectural quality of the building itself. The Riga municipality continued the project by making further improvements to the adjacent park.

Land — 639 m²

Total area of the building — 2459 m²

Apartments — 1521 m²

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