Objekts [translations pending] [translations pending] Loft Arch

The office building and stock-office in Sigulda 6 Lauku Street, Sigulda, Latvia


An architectural concept was developed for two plots of land with a total area of 28,167 m2, located on the edge of Sigulda Town, close to the Vidzeme highway.

Initially, two buildings are being designed and will be constructed – the office building and the StockOffice building, adjacent to Lauku Street, creating shared access and parking for clients and employees of the office building. The development of the site includes a convenient landscaping solution, spacious parking for clients and employees, landscaped seating areas for office workers, as well as covered bicycle parking.

The company’s office building is designed to be single-storey, with a south-facing view of the surrounding environment, in order to feel as close to and inspired by nature as possible. The design has addressed energy-efficient solutions, with a large overhang on the south side to create shade and protect the large-glazed structures of the office building from direct sunlight, featuring solar panels on the roof, and energy-efficient wall and roof solutions.

The ground floor of StockOffice has large warehouses and store premises with large windows. The first floor offers office premises. The StockOffice building is accessed from the street, with delivery facilities to the warehouse and a large gate at the rear. The layout of the premises will be tailored to the requirements of the specific tenant.

The visual image of the building is conceived by creating an attractive architectural solution – the office building has a wooden facade with distinctly vertical windows and subtle, vertical metal details that will create a rhythmic play of light.

In the future, it is envisaged to develop the farther part of the plot with four cold or warm warehouses, depending on the specific needs of the potential tenant.

Area of the land plot – 8167 m2

Area of the office building – 941 m2

Area of StockOffice – 1436 m2

Number of parking spaces – 67

Total area of potential cold or warm warehouses – 5560 m2

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