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The development vision of territory 17A Ganibu dambis, Riga, Latvia


Tender offer for the development of Ganību dambis 17A, Riga. The real estate developer Hepsor has planned a new quarter with public space.

The layout of the buildings on the plot is based on an analysis of the overall urban context. Taking into account the location of the plot and the character of the surrounding buildings, special attention was paid to the main viewpoints from Ganību dambis and Lugažu Street. There is a lot of car traffic along both streets, and it is important to create a sense of openness through architecture when standing at the intersection, as well as make it convenient to park cars in the territory of the new quarter.

The buildings are arranged around the perimeter to create a comfortable and understandable pedestrian and car traffic flow, making it easier to navigate the new quarter, as well as leaving more space in the middle of the quarter for a public recreation area with tree and flower planting.

The ground floor of each building is intended to accommodate commercial or public functions, contributing to an urban atmosphere and adding value to the quarter, as visitor traffic is expected not only during the working day but also in the evenings and at weekends.

Total space of the land plot – 30 624 m2

Total space of the buildings – 9 096 m2

Number of parking spaces – 390

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