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Shopping district in Jaunmārupe 1B Ozolu Street, Jaunmārupe, Mārupe Region, Latvia


An architectural concept was developed for a plot of land with a total area of 14,630 m², located in Jaunmārupe, opposite the recently built kindergarten "Zīļuks".

The concept for the development of the shopping district includes three new shop buildings around the perimeter of the plot, a car park in the middle with a landscaped pedestrian promenade, and external retail spaces. The new grocery shop building is located at the far end of the plot, while the new beverage and clothing building is located to the side of the plot.

The construction design for the new grocery shop was based on ELVI’s typical project idea, which was adapted to the situation in Jaunmārupe. A similar type of project at 26 Lielā Street, Mārupe, successfully started its operation in early 2023.

The shopping district will provide local residents with a wide range of shopping opportunities. The construction design includes landscaping of the existing area – creating a large car park for customers, a pedestrian promenade with external sales points, high-quality greenery and seating areas for visitors, a delivery area for shops, as well as a tare deposit point.

The visual image of the shop buildings is based on modern architectural forms, with the spatial solution of the volumes and the architectural division of the facade achieving a prestigious external appearance and an attractive overall image for the residents. The landscaped pedestrian promenade in front of the shops with green recreation areas and high-quality greenery will provide Jaunmārupe residents not only with convenient shopping opportunities but also with a high-quality and pleasant urban environment with added value.

In addition to the work on the first two buildings, a third potential building is being designed, assessing the optimum functional space to provide the best range of services for the residents of Jaunmārupe.

In cooperation with neighbouring landowners, a bicycle and pedestrian path is being considered to connect Mežrozīšu and Celmu streets with Ozolu Street.

Total space of the land plot – 14630 m2

Total space of the buildings – 3000 m2

Number of parking spaces – 88

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