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Taurupe Taurupe


Project proposal

The project provides the restoration of the historic manor barn as a public building, on the first floor of which Taurupe Local History Museum and the branch of Ogre District Museum are located and on the second floor – a multifunctional hall for exhibitions and events.

The largest cultural and historical value of the site is the boulder stone walls of the manor barn and the brick colonnade in front of it. The reconstruction solution plans to restore and preserve these stone walls. The new roof and construction volume has been created without repeating the volume of the former barn roof, but highlighting the remaining boulder walls and the colonnade and respecting the scale of the manor environment.

The old volume and modern reconstruction are well “readable” in the building, where both parts complement each other, creating a harmonious ensemble. The museum building and the exhibition created in it will form a united ensemble, because the building is also a historical testimony of the manor complex.

If the building is closed, one can walk around the museum to see the old and the new architecture and some exhibits on the sides of the colonnade. It is planned to exhibit the museum materials in a modern and interactive way so that the museum is able to attract and is interesting to visitors of different generations.


Historical situation

The land parcel and the barn building are located in the historical Taurupe manor construction complex. According to the historical materials the year of construction of the barn cannot be provided precisely; it is estimated to be approximately the first half of the 19th century.

After World War II the building was used as a grain warehouse. In 1987 the barn building was renovated and adapted to the requirements of Taurupe Local History Museum. The renovated facades of the building were completely plastered and painted, and the wavy slate sheets characteristic to Soviet times were used in the roof. In 1997 there was a fire in the renovated barn building.

Currently the external boulder walls of the barn and the colonnade in the front facade of the building have remained, as well as the entrance door in the building. The building of the Manor Manager (the White House) is located in the adjacent land plot creating a united ensemble with the barn. Further in the park there is the historic Manor building – the present school. As a result of a peasant riot in 1905 the Manor building was burnt down.

Later the building was renovated and in 1938 a school was set up in it. In 1963, a 3 rd floor was constructed on the manor building. The latest renovation in the school was executed in 2009. The manor building is surrounded by a park with large trees, several of which are heritage treesof national importance.

First floor – 233.8 m2

Second floor area – 296.1 m2

Total area – 529.9m2

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