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About Loft

Architects Office LOFT was established in 2006 and the owner of the Office is Ģirts Kalinkevics. After successful business start in Latvia, Office was also among the first who began offering their services outside the country.

LOFT has become a successful company with an impeccable international reputation. Office team is able to bring into life the most ambitious architectural ideas of both local and foreign clients.

Architects Office LOFT offers:

  • architectural projects in accordance with carefully evaluated client’s business plans. We believe that an architectural idea is inextricably linked to business plan and the most successful solution can be reached only by respecting them both together;
  • sketches and architectural and interior design concepts with their further realization;
  • the design and management of new construction or renovation and reconstruction projects;


LOFT Latvia

Before his own Office was established, Girts Kalinkevics already had gained significant experience working at that time top Latvian architectural projects Hotel Berg and Gypsum Factory. At that time, together with colleagues from Zaiga Gaile Office and architectural firm KUBS a lot of expressive projects were realized, including buildings on Katolu street 19, Riga and Dzintaru prospekts, Jurmala.

Today Girts manages the team of passionate professionals in his own Office LOFT. You can take a look on the latest work in the section PROJECTS.

Girts showed his attentive business talent again when he founded RigaLOFT – the real estate and investment company. It quickly occupied the niche of loft design and construction market. Now RigaLOFT has gathered the widest Riga’s loft property database and gained extensive practical experience in this field.

LOFT abroad

In 2008 in Latvia the rapid recession of building and construction projects began. The economic crisis affected the entire industry – many failed and surrendered. However, not Girts.

To overcome a crisis one must adapt and join the challenge. After realizing that the crisis can be turned into opportunity, Girts looked in Eastern direction.

The first abroad experience the Office gained while working in Minsk. Then crisis hit also Belarus. However, LOFT already had accumulated business contacts and knowledge of working outside Latvia. A long-time client from St. Petersburg wanted to use that.

Creative solutions and truly professional attitude draw the attention of other Russian real estate investors and developers. The LOFT reputation grew, the Office became recommended more and more often.

Also now, a large part of the Office work consists of projects in Russia. Among the LOFT developed architectural concepts and projects in Russia definitely has to be mentioned: